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You’re a passionate creative with big dreams and lots of ideas.

You want to feel clear and confident but are overwhelmed with how to get there

You want to position your brand and book leads, but you feel stuck


whether you’re a biz newbie or a seasoned babe, you don’t deserve to feel defeated

girl, it’s time to start saying no to…


Scouring Pinterest for freebies, checklists, blog posts and guides to try to DIY (more like DI-TRY) your brand. No more piecing together your brand like a puzzle. You need to learn how to work ON your biz rather than IN it.

Feeling helpless and alone because you know you need to hold yourself accountable and work ON your business, but you can't afford to join a group program or course with others who are in the same position as you.

Any insecurities, doubts, or fears you may have in your business. Having a community of online creatives who truly understand you, support you, and encourage you is more powerful than you know.

you deserve to have the resources and support you need to succeed

This is Perfect for you if...

✓ you have an online service-based business

✓ you aren’t sure how to take your business to the next level

✓ you feel helpless, anxious, or defeated when it comes to growing your business

✓ you want somewhere safe to ask for advice/feedback on your business

✓ you want to learn how to work ON your business, not IN it

✓ you want to surround yourself with other creatives who feel just like you

the collective:

a membership full of passionate creatives building their dream businesses

what’s included?


monthly topics

Each month we will focus on a new topic from my Signature Brand Method for you to deep dive, learn from, implement, and grow with. The goal of every topic is to teach you how to either refine, position, or scale your brand.

$1,000 value

weekly activities

Each week there will be a new activity based on that months topic to make sure you're constantly working on your business. These can range from PDFs, checklists, guides, or simple actionable tips for you to implement in your business.

$2,000 value

monthly calls/trainings

I will post a recorded training on that months topic for you to watch, take notes on, and ask questions around. At the end of each month, I hold a LIVE Q&A to answer your questions and coach you through it live.

$1,000 value

creative community

We’re ditching Facebook Groups! You'll have access to a built-in Community with other passionate members of The Collective to connect with, ask questions to, get feedback from, and (best of all) become friends with!



+ EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on products and services

+ EARLY ACCESS to upcoming service and product launches

+ MEMBER SPOTLIGHT to acknowledge each members business

+ DAILY ACCESS to me ($10,000 value)

are you ready to join us?

$27 billed monthly

$250 billed yearly (almost 3 months free)


have questions?

I have answers.

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Nope! The activities that are posted will always be there, so if you can't make it in The Collective each week, they will be waiting for you when you can catch up!

Nope! I won't force you to participate, obviously. But I will say that participating in discussions, asking questions, and seeking feedback are the best ways of getting the most out of the membership.

With that said, though, if you have to catch up on previous months content, take a break, etc. that is totally okay. The content from previous months will stay uploaded forever.

Absolutely! You'll be able to access content from the beginning of the membership to the current date you join.

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If you sign up for the monthly membership, $27 USD will be automatically drafted from the card you sign up with. You will have the chance to update your card on file once your signed up.

Nope! I have a built-in community area on The Collective, called the community. You'll have the ability to make posts, leave comments, like posts, upload a picture, and instert a bio!

As a member you will always have the ability to cancel if you need to. If you aren't happy, please email me at and share with me why! I will be more than happy to chat with you. Whether you choose to leave or stay, I appreciate the feedback so I can improve.

let me guess…

Too busy?

I know, running a business takes a lot of time. But at some point, you have to make the decision: Do I keep working IN my business, or do I take the leap and learn how to work ON my business? With a supportive community and weekly resources by your side, you’ll end up with more time than you have now.

Already have memberships?

I can’t force you to join, but I would encourage you to analyze your current subscriptions and memberships: Are they serving you and your business? Are they helping you get to the next level? Do you feel supported?

Not a good time?

I’m not sure if there’s ever a BAD time to invest in your business, especially when it’s as low as $27 for the value you get in this membership.


Ready to start working on your business?


Hey, I’m katelyn!

When I first started my business, all I craved was to feel supported. I was so sick of depending on Pinterest freebies or being bombarded with people in Facebook groups when I needed simple feedback on something. And don’t get me started on how bad I would feel knowing I couldn’t afford coaching or a group program.

I wanted to give genuine support and legitimate resources to passionate creatives online, the support and resources I wanted when I was in your shoes.

I want you to feel clear and confident while building your online business, not alone and helpless. Entrepreneurship is a tough thing to tackle, but you don’t have to do it alone.