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You’re a passionate creative; a maker, a helper, a doer, a problem solver.

You love what you do, but something feels off, and you can’t quite figure it out.

You know you have the drive to succeed, but you feel stuck.


Whether you’re an online biz newbie or have been in the game a while, it’s not easy to admit when something is off. Because that means you potentially wasted your time on something that didn’t work for you, right? And when you own your own business, there’s no time to waste. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

You’re not failing, but you need to make a big change in a new direction, and you don’t have the time for trial and error, or 5-figures to invest in a coach. You want a more stable and strategic path and a custom website design that will get you to that next level and beyond.


This is Perfect for you if...

✓ you want a brand that is customized & personalized to fit you (your brand experience should look & feel like you!)

✓ you love what you do but something feels off and you can’t quite figure out what’s stopping you and your biz from prospering

✓ you're an established business owner with the drive to succeed, but your current brand isn’t working for you or your target market

✓ you need 1:1 strategy, support, and a personalized plan to scale your business moving forward

✓ you need a strategic plan that’s streamlined, structured, and sustainable but you feel stuck

✓ you want to hire a genuine, strategic, and fun designer that truly cares about you and the success of you and your business

it's time for the brand experience

You started your online business because you’re a go-getter, you’re passionate, & you love serving in your industry, but you just feel stuck.

well, it’s time to start giving a firm no to…


Trying to build a strategic and profitable business plan all on your own. Just because you’re passionate and know what you want doesn’t mean you can’t accept some help - especially when building the foundation of your biz.

DIY-ing your branding and website. Whether you’re a designer or not, removing yourself from your business and allowing a professional to strategically craft a brand that works for you is key to forming a solid biz. Your brand strategy is the foundation of design.

Paying $10k plus for a business coach. Investing in coaching is extremely scary, especially because coaching alone doesn’t equip you with what you need - strategy is useless without a design that translates.

Chasing payments, living in your inbox, and having no systems. Creating systems that automatically on-board your clients will make your experience better and life so much easier.

Wishing you made more money without having an actionable plan to get there. Packaging and pricing is key to highlighting your skills and differentiating yourself in your industry.

Working with someone who doesn’t get you. I've gone through what you are, can help you get out of it, and genuinely care about the success of you and your business.

you and your business deserve better.

Katelyn of Hello Brand Collective

Hey, I’m katelyn!

I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like when you’re ready to scale, you love what you do, you feel like you’re on the right path (or ya don’t) but you still feel overwhelmed, can’t book clients, and don’t understand what to try next.

I’ve helped serviced based online business owners just like you find their purpose, clarify their message, identify their dream audience, and build a sustainable brand through strategic coaching and designs.

My branding methods stem from the phrase “work smarter, not harder” and I believe every entrepreneur has what it takes to achieve everything they dream of - we just have to unlock it. I believe to have a successful brand, you have to:

→ Celebrate your strengths and know your worth

→ Identify & understand your dream client

→ Be clear in your brand & confident in it’s scalability

→ Build relationships and trust through authenticity and consistency

the brand experience:

6-8 week custom branding experience

combining strategic coaching and meaningful design



  • Brand Audit & Action Plan*
  • Brand Clarity*
  • Indentifying and understanding your niche*
  • Implementing sustainable processes*
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Activities and Action Plans
  • Access to all guides and resources
  • In-depth Brand Strategy
  • Slack Channel with access to me*

Strategic brand design

  • In-depth Brand Foundation Questionnaire
  • Mood board
  • Custom brand strategy
  • Main logo with alternates*
  • Font pairings
  • Color palette*
  • Favicon, branded elements, patterns/textures
  • Brand curated inspiration board
  • Brand style guidelines packet*

Custom Website Design

  • Web content questionnaire*
  • Coming soon page
  • Design & layout for up to 8 pages
  • Connection of domain name
  • 3rd party app integrations*
  • SEO* & mobile optimization
  • General Terms & Conditions page
  • A live website walkthrough
  • 20% off your annual Squarespace plan*

$5,500 investment / 6-8 weeks


just branding and web: $4,200 / 1-3 weeks / inquire here


so… how does this work?


To get started, you have to first apply! Tell me why you’re passionate about your business, the struggles you’re facing, and why you want to work together. Once you’re accepted, I will reach out to you to book our meet & greet call!

02 make it official

We will get to know each other, make sure questions are answered, and discuss the program further. If you want to proceed after our meet & greet call we will make things official by getting some of the boring stuff out of the way: your contract and invoice.

03 mastering mindset

Your mindset will control everything you think or do in your business and will determine the success you have, so we’re starting there! We will dig deep to find your limiting beliefs and create a personal mindset routine that will keep you excited and confident in your business and life.

04 find brand clarity

This in-depth brand workbook will help you build out your entire brand by: narrowing your offering to what you love, identifying your dream client, empowering you with clarity, and helping you think outside of the box.

05 positioning yourself

We will go over what I discovered during your brand audit and combine it with the information you uncover in the brand workbook to create service packages and processes that will set you apart and position your brand in your industry.

06 translating message

At this point in the experience, we will have developed a clear strategy and business plan for your brand and it’s time to translate that into the visuals. I will begin working on creating a brand design that attracts your ideal client and portrays your vibe clearly.

07 developing presence

Your branding can be perfect, but if it isn’t presented on your website correctly it could do more damage than anything. Once your brand visuals are built, we will begin infusing your brand messaging in to the copy and content for your website so when your ideal client visits it they KNOW you’re right for them.

08 creating sustainability

From your back end content creation to your client on-boarding process, we want ALL THE efficiency and automation we can possibly create in your business in order to build a business that is sustainable and scalable.

have questions?

I have answers.

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I require you to inquire through an application for a couple reasons. 1. This process is very personal and collaborative, so I want to make sure that I work with those who are genuinely looking to improve their brand and prosper. 2. I want to make sure I can through and through help you with what you're struggling with (coaching/strategy wise). I've had some businesses reach out to me that I don't feel my methods and strategies are a good fit for, and I would never want someone to invest in something they won't fully benefit from.

Absolutely! Here is the link to my portfolio:

I've been around the block a few times but Squarespace has been by far the easiest and most user-friendly web platform for both myself and our clients. They allow for integrations with outside platforms, options to customize with coding (this is my favorite), they're constantly rolling out new features and offering amazing 24/7 support. Another benefit to using this awesome platform is that my clients get 20% off their Squarespace plan. Seriously, what's not to love? If you have any questions about the benefits of Squarespace for your business feel free to email me!

I book projects at least 1-2 weeks in advance in order to allow you ample time to properly prepare. The entire project process can take up to 21 days (or more - depending on add-ons and your timely cooperation).

After your inquiry we'll schedule a call so we can meet and get to know eachother. The remainder of the process is stated above. The process and coaching changes for each client.

I offer 3 free revisions per design. A fee of $50 is added for each additional revision.

Websites receive unlimited revisions up until the day before the project's end date (project end date is reserved for a website walk-through)

I feel very strongly about starting with at full branding and website design. However, I totally understand the biz newbie struggles (new idea? tight budget? #ugh). Due to the nature of my services, I normally do not allot time in my schedule for single logo projects, however, feel free to inquire via the contact page to see if I can squeeze you in, I'm always up for helping a fellow boss babe out!

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The Brand Experience is a very collaborative 1:1 project, so we will be actively communicating and hoping on coaching calls in the beginning to work on mindset, brand clarity, positioning, and your strategy.
Once we get the first phase of the project out of the way, you will need to complete some tasks before I can begin designing. This includes Pinterest board curation and uploading your core website content (copy and images). If you need help with your copy, editing your images, or finding stock images, please let me know so I can properly assist you!

I accept payments in USD. Payments are processed right from your invoice (super easy right?!) and can be made with a credit/debit card, PayPal, or e-check. My process is 30% down after contract signing to book and secure your project dates, 35% due the day before the start date of your project, and the remaining 35% (plus any extras if incurred during the process) due upon scheduling your final walkthrough/site transfer.

My process ensures that you will receive a full brand experience that gives you clarity about your brand and beautifully reflects your vision. I will be collaborating together throughout the entire process so your feedback will determine the success of your project. If you ever have an issue with anything please let me know ASAP and I will be more than happy to assist you. Remember, this is your brand - it's all about you!

Due to the nature of my work, any and all payments made are non-refundable. If you ever have an issue with any of my designs please contact me and I'll be more than happy to assist you.

I have a strategic process where I use everything I've gathered from your content questionnaire, brand workbook, and our coaching conversations in order to infuse your brand messaging into your website copy. Your content questionnaire is designed to help me do this. If you need additional copy outside of my abilities, I will bring on a contracted copywriter to assist you at an additional cost.

What’s holding you back?

Too busy?

I know, running a business takes a lot of time. But at some point, you have to make the decision: Do I keep working IN my business, or do I take the leap and learn how to work ON my business? With tailored strategy, custom branding, and a new website with branded copy you’ll have the ability to run the business you’ve dreamed of!


I get it. Branding is a huge investment. But the more time you wait, the more time you’ll spend wondering what would’ve happened if you started this experience earlier. The sooner you can find clarity in your brand and develop messaging that speaks to your dream client, the sooner you’ll be able to scale your business.

Too much?

What’s unique about The Brand Experience is that it combines two of the biggest investments you’ll make (coaching and branding) into one quick and strategic experience. You won’t have to sign a $10k coaching contract or pay multiple designers for logo updates over time when you invest in The Brand Experience.


Ready to make your business work for you?