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are you ready for your content to start actually bringing in dream leads?

It’s time to ditch the content overwhelm and say hello to strategic planning


As soon as I began implementing my quarterly planning method in my business I began booking dream clients, selling my biggest packages, and hit my largest income month so far. I wasn’t waking up each day anxiously wondering what I should post and when, I have a strategic plan to help me effortlessly reach the goals I have set for myself, and I’m giving this method to you.

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content planning workshop

This workshop gives you all the tools you need to reverse engineer your content plan and build out your quarterly promotions in just a few simple steps. I teach you how to build content strategically designed to reach your ideal client and hit your goals.

whats included?

Pre-planning Checklist: This PDF gives you quick tips to make sure you complete before diving in to planning out your quarterly content.

Planning Training + Workbook: In this video training I walk you through the process I use when planning my quarterly, monthly, and weekly content. It also includes a workbook for you to print and follow along!

(BONUS) Promotion Tips & Dates: This PDF has tips for when you’re planning your promotions, along with a list of important promotional dates!

→ (BONUS) Content Brainstorm Guide: If you get stuck when creating content, this bonus guide will help get your mind rolling with new ideas.

→ (BONUS) 4 Airtable Content Templates & Tutorial: I am giving you my own quarterly planning sheet and content organization templates for my blog post content, instagram content, and email marketing content.