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You’re a passionate creative with big dreams and lots of ideas.

You want to feel clear and confident but are overwhelmed with how to get there

You know you want to create a scalable brand, but you feel stuck


Hi, I’m Katelyn and I’m just like you.

When I started my business a couple years ago, like most of us, I had no idea what I was doing and kind of just figured it out. After taking every course, checking every checklist, reading every blog post, listening to every podcast, I was able to develop my own method. I was able to scale my business, refine my brand, and become more confident in what I was doing. While going through all of this, I realized two trends:

→ the resources accessible to new online service based businesses were all very vague, weren’t custom enough to you, and still left you confused

→ the quickest ways to scale (like hiring a coach or joining a group program or mastermind) aren’t financially realistic for a new biz owner.

so I created...

the position and prosper program

imagine having a group of friends and accountability like a mastermind, and custom in-depth strategy and training like 1:1 coaching… #goals

well, that can be your reality if…


✓ you have a business that you are excited and passionate about but you’re struggling with making it work for you

✓ you’ve wanted to hire a coach or join a mastermind, but it’s out of scope for you right now

✓ you’re having trouble properly identifying your niche and connecting with your dream client

✓ you need tangible and actionable tasks/steps to work with to move forward in your business

✓ you're a biz newbie with big plans and a beautiful vision, but unsure of how to attract your people

✓ you want more time to work “on” your business, rather than “in” your business.

position & prosper program

4-month group program to position yourself in your industry and prosper as a brand


apply now before this rate goes up!


2 1:1 brand audits

We will start by me doing a full brand and website audit on your business. I will analyze your branding, voice, messaging, social profiles, and website. Then we will have a 1:1 strategy call to go over my discoveries and create your framework for the program. We will do the same at the end of the program!

($1,000 value)

12 group calls

Each program is built custom to those who are in it. On our first group call, we will discuss everyones strengths, weaknesses, and pain points in both their mindset and business. This will allow me to tailor the entire programs content and trainings to ensure you're working on exactly what you need to succeed.

($5,000 value)

access to me

I want to be here for you as much as I can, so we will have a group Slack channel that will give you access to me during business hours so I can make sure you have support and that no questions go unanswered during the program!

($10,000+ value)


weekly activities

We won’t just talk the talk each week, we’re going to walk the walk with actionable tasks and activities to make sure you’re implementing the things you’re learning. Each week we will hold each other accountable to our tasks and support each other!

($1,000 value)

access to resources

Outside of the weekly calls and actionable tasks, you will have access to all of my PDF’s, guides, and resources so you can keep learning new things. You can download and tackle them during your downtime, or save them for future use.

($2,000 value)

friends & accountability

Building friendships with people in similar places in their business that you can bounce ideas off of, get ideas from, have support from, and hold you accountable will be extremely powerful and motivating while you build your brands foundation.



the program will start as soon as I have 10 applicants, so apply now!

have questions?

I have answers.

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I require you to apply in order to join because I wasnt to make sure I genuinely believe I can help you improve your business. Seeing your answers and getting to know your business ensures that I'm confident you'll succeed with me help, and that you're confident going in to the program!

It doesn't guarantee you a spot because I have to review your application to make sure I feel you will benefit from the program. BUT, if you're a service based online business, chances are you'll be admitted to the program! Once I have 10 applicants, a new program will start!

I totally understand, girl! Making any investment in your business can be a difficult decision. If you want to hop on a FREE discovery call with me, head to the contact page and we can have a chat!

I tailor the group coaching content to each group. Our first call will be to discuss everyones program goals, strengths, and opportunities to ensure that I empower you with what you need!

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You will get what you put in to the program. If you don't give it 110%, participate in discussions you won't see much benefit from this. So what you need to do is: show up, be you, have fun, ask questions, and prosper girl!

The payment policy is either $1,000 up front as a one time payment, or four monthly payments of $300 during the program.

We end the program with a final brand audit and strategy call, so if by that point you haven't had any progress or feel any better about your brand, then we will discuss with each other 1:1 till we figure out why. I don't let any clients or students of mine leave from working with me unless they're 100% happy!

Due to the nature of this work, any and all payments made are non-refundable. If you are unhappy with your results at the end of the program, we will assess together.

What’s holding you back?

Too busy?

You get to decide whether you continue to work IN your business, or to take the leap so you can begin working ON your business. The more you wait, the more work you’re going to end up doing.


No problem! I would never want you making a decision you weren’t confident about. Schedule a free call with me by clicking here to see if this will be the right fit for you!

Too much?

Take it from my experience, other group programs, masterminds, and especially 1:1 training will be much more than this investment, and your satisfaction is guaranteed at the end of the program (so it’s a no-brainer!)


Ready to position and prosper?