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Hello Brand Collective is fueled by sisterly friendship, creativity, copious amounts of caffeine - and lots of laughs!


So, how did these two creatives from different
states meet and build a business together?


It all started when Katelyn needed help tweaking custom code for her client’s website.
She posted a call for help in a Facebook Group, and Nicole came to her rescue!


There hasn’t been a day that has gone by without us talking - we just connected instantly!

While running our own businesses separately we constantly joked that we would have started up together if we knew each other sooner. So, after several months of friendship, and thousands of "if only we met sooner" talks, we decided to just go for it already.

Because honestly, life is too darn short to wait!


With backgrounds in both Advertising Graphic Design and International Business and Economics (plus personal obsessions with psychology) we decided to merge our passions together to create and launch Hello Brand Collective with the goal of providing a fun, honest, professional, and educational experience for creatives to help them launch a brand they love and truly reflects them, and create a business that they can proudly and successfully profit from.


We believe that your business shouldn’t just be a “passion project” it should be a “passion-filled lifestyle”.


Our values

We believe that there's no reason why anyone should be so serious all the time. Celebrate the little wins, blurt out your favorite dad joke, eat that whole slice of cake (you're sharing, right?), throw a little confetti at the negative Nancy's and just do your thing. As long as you're having fun you're winning the game of life friend.

Honesty is literally the best policy (plus sticking to a lie is exhausting, and honestly, we'd rather save that time for a nap, because NAPS RULE). Let's be real, mistakes are learning experiences that happen to everyone in both life and in business, which is why we embrace them, laugh them off, and use them to better strategize for the future. We'll show you the real us, and in turn we hope to see the same from you! #keepingitreal

"Dedicate yourself to continuous personal improvement, you are your most precious resource." - Brian Tracey

Our goal is to set you up for everlasting growth, profit and happiness. Listen, we've been around the block a few times and if there's one thing that's certain it's this: You will never grow your business if you don't focus on self-growth first. Taking days to yourself, reading books, asking questions, addressing your weaknesses and celebrating your strengths are all elements of growth and will not only help you personally, but professionally as well.

Your success is our success. We're just a pair of insatiable knowledge seekers, resource stalking, course craving, book hoarding gals who know that education is the most powerful, valuable thing you will ever possess. We believe in educating not only ourselves, but our audience as well. We strive to share our experiences, new resources we find, and things we learn through our blog posts, newsletters, social media, and by connecting with all of you personally. There is endless amounts of information out there, which means that there is always something new to learn. So, soak it all in you sponge, you!

#CommunityOverCompetition is our jam. We've both had our share of wins, losses, anxiety attacks, depressive episodes - you name it. We know first hand just how life-changing a great support system is, which is why we aim to be your cheerleaders! This is not a place to compare yourself, wish you had something you don't, or wonder "what if". This is a place of learning, sharing, communicating and supporting! We want to create a community you love learning from and sharing information with!

Shoot for the moon! We believe that anything is possible with the right tools, mindset and support. Your mindset controls how far you push yourself, the limits you set for yourself, and the goals you actually achieve - that's why we're so passionate about incorporating mindset and self-love into our business! Because if you don't believe in yourself, who else will? We want you to be your best, do your best, always strive for more and to succeed at anything and everything that you set your heart on!


Meet Katelyn!


I am a 23 year old multi-passionate, health-centered entrepreneur from Florida who loves helping people in any way possible. While in college at The University of South Florida I studied nutrition & biological processes before switching my major to International Business & economics. I have a huge passion for health & nutrition, but I switched my major in order to pursue my dreams of becoming an international expatriate for a big corporation. That dream quickly turned to a nightmare as I sat at my boring 9-5 corporate finance position each day.

Growing up I was obsessed with customizing Myspace pages with custom code + designs, but I never thought I would build and co-own a design business! The older I got, the more the psychology that drives marketing, design, human behavior + market trends really began to peak my interest. I stuck my nose in any business, marketing, health or psychology book I could (and still do!)

Pursuing this crazy dream of starting my own business wasn't an easy one. I've had people quit on me, I've lost "friends" I had for years, and it definitely tested my mindset (more than a few times). When Nicole and I became friends and decided to merge, it was like everything started coming together! She is not only my best friend, but the best biz partner I could've asked for! 

Obsessed with

health & wellness

Fave eats

oatmeal bowls, tacos & sushi

Free time fun

cooking, reading, yoga, & photography

Fave drinks

wellness lattes & iced tea

Lives for

homemade recipes & helping people

Life goals

traveling the world & saving the planet

Meet Nicole!

I'm a 27 year old, minimalistic, pink-loving designer and entrepreneur from New Jersey with a big heart and loud laughs. My love for design has always been a huge factor in my life and how I live it. As a kid I was very creative and imaginative; writing music, telling stories, drawing - you name it! In my teen years I would spend my days designing homes on Sims, creating Dreamweaver websites, and customizing Myspace pages with self-made cursors and themes, so it's basically no surprise to anyone that I ended up with a degree in Advertising Graphic Design.

After college I worked a few 9-5 design jobs. At first I loved them, but working a "regular job" just didn't feel right no matter where I went. So, with a loving nudge from my husband (and Tony Robbins), I decided to ditch the employee life and start my own business. Being multi-passionate is both a blessing and a curse, thankfully, I was able to hone in on one passion and start my own business around it - even though I never originally wanted to do it alone.

I've always had this dream of co-founding a design studio with a creative friend so I'm just beyond thankful that Katelyn came into my life when she did. I now not only have an amazing business partner, but a wonderful best friend, and possibly a long lost sister (yet to be confirmed by our parents).


Queen of

puns, mood boards & styled photoshoots

Fave drinks

dirty chai lattes, moscato & mojitos

Lives for

laughs, ice cream & helping people

Fave eats

pitaya bowls, sushi & tikka masala

Obsessed with

shopping, cats, fonts & photography

Free time fun

traveling, yoga, hiking & concerts
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