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hello automation!

This page will function as your student resource page throughout the course! You can schedule your 1:1 with me, view and download your freebies, checklists, and guides, and find other resources! Watch this short intro video for more information.


course schedule

day 1:

- mindset going in to dubsado
- introduction to the course
- full dashboard wakthrough
- setting up your brand settings

day 2:

- walkthrough of entire system
- create your lead process
- create a thank you page
- lay out project workflow

day 3:

- full break down of a workflow and each element within them
- build out your packages, forms, invoices, schedulers, and emails

day 4:

- learn all things workflows, triggers and conditions
- build your entire workflow
- talk all things offboarding

after the live trainings:

The chances of you fully building everything out in these four days is slim, so I’ll be here the rest of the month to support you while you put things together. You’ll have access to the freebies, tip sheets, guides, and checklists to download throughout and after the course to ensure you stay on track and organized, along with all the live trainings to refer back to!


If there isn’t a time here that you’re available, please send me an email and let me know when you can have your 1:1. Having this strategy session is crucial to setting up your workflow without months of trial and error, believe me girl. I’ll work with you to see what makes you stand out, and be sure to work that in to your workflow. You’re leads will be wow’d and your clients will be oh so happy!

course freebies

I will upload the freebies as we go throughout the week! I don’t want you to download them all and get overwhelmed, so during each training I will link back to this back so you can grab the freebies for that days training! Woohoooo!

how to contact me

I will be available throughout the rest of the month to answer your questions and support you. The reason I’m giving you so much time is because you’ll quickly realize how long it could take to set up every element of your automations - but that’s OK! I want you to work on this with care and thought so you can save yourself sooo much hassle down the road!

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