5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Quiz To Grow Your Email List

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News Flash! Quizzes aren’t just for discovering what type of cheese you are anymore. #Guilty #PepperJack

They’re actually a creative (and fun) way of getting your audience to join your email list.

An email list is important to have for anyone who’s looking to build a community and keep a close connection with their followers. Business owners, corporations, influencers, and bloggers can all benefit from them!

Email addresses are sacred. And no one ever gives out our personal email to just anyone, that’s what a junk email address is for (anyone else have one just for coupons and sales? haha).

Because personal emails are so exclusive, you've got to have something super enticing to get them subscribed to your list. But what?

Email opt-ins to the rescue!


Opt-in offers have the power to take your email list to the next level!

Sure, you can choose to entice them with a digital freebie or an email course, but if I am being honest, I’ve been on the receiving end of these and although they’re fun to get, we just end up stashing them away in the downloads folder where they float forever in the abyss of forgotten resources, never to be seen again. #RIPresources

So when I heard about the quiz builder, Interact, I just knew I had to use it as my email opt-in!

No more boring freebie emails or stash-able downloads, all you need is a quiz!


Here's 5 reasons why I used a quiz for my email opt-in...


01 They're Fun (and addictive)

Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy taking quizzes?! There’s a reason why Buzzfeed was (and still is) so popular. People love learning about themselves. From horoscopes to personality tests, quizzes and more, we simply crave the knowledge of finding out who we are, how much we know and where we fit in. We want our email subscribers to feel like they're our friends, and what better way to welcome them into our crew than to have a little bit of fun with a quiz?


Interact Quiz Builder


02 They’re engaging

Quizzes are far more engaging than any other type of content, which is why they're the most popular type of shared content. Let’s be honest, the most exciting part of taking a quiz is being able to compare your results with your peers. Interact makes it easy to post on all social platforms so you can share your quiz with your community, groups, and friends!


03 They’re quick and easy

No one wants to fill out long questionnaires or surveys; they’re boring, they take too long (to make and to take), and more often than not, they don’t produce an instant reward. Quizzes on the other hand, are shorter, way more fun, and provide you with your results instantly! Even better: Interact has a template library filled with over 100+ pre-made, industry specific quizzes for you to embed and use ASAP, with no editing required - talk about easy right?

Interact Quiz Builder Templates

04 They’re mini market researchers

Depending on the type of quiz you have, you can learn a lot about your audience. You can collect information from them in order to help you create content, services, products and more for your followers. And because they’re the ones practically asking for it, they’ll definitely be super excited when you launch that content for them. Want to take it a step further? Launch your quiz as a Facebook/Instagram ad!


05 They're compliant

With all of the rules now with opt-ins regarding privacy and GDPR compliance, it seems more difficult than ever to grow your list. Part of Interact's quiz settings allows your quiz taker to skip opting into your email list. WHAT?! Don't freak out, this is a good thing! You want your list to be exclusive, and you want your list to only have your type of people subscribed to it. This way, when you send out your emails you're 100% sure that the people you are emailing are actually interested in you and your content, not just your free download.


Do yourself (and your followers) a favor and keep it simple by utilizing a quiz. You’ll have fun making it, and your peeps will have fun taking it. It's a total win-win!


Want to make your own quiz? Get started with Interact!


xox, katelyn

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