Why You Should Be Using Dubsado For Your Online Business

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We don’t mean to exaggerate, but we’re totally going to - Dubsado is OUR LIFE. We love love LOVE it. We swear by the systems and processes you can set up with this platform, and we’re SO READY to share all our dubs knowledge with you guys.

If you’re wondering what the heck this platform is, it’s a CRM (client relationship management) platform that allows you to *pretty much* run the majority of your biz on it. Contracts, proposals, invoicing, intake forms, emails, scheduler, accounting, tasks lists… Dubsado does it ALL.

We’ve worked with this platform from the start, and it definitely has a learning curve. If you’re patient, take your time with it, and strategize, you’ll fall in love with Dubsado! We’ve practically mastered its functions so we’re going to shower you with all the perks Dubsado has so you’re ready to tackle this baby with us!

So, why should YOU be using Dubsado for your service-based biz? Let us tell you!

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Saves precious time

Not only does having your call scheduler, contracts, invoicing, accounting, emails, and projects all in one place save a ton of time, but the funnels and automation you can set up with Dubsado are mind blowing! We have an automation set up that funnels our clients through their proposals, contracts, invoices, forms, and all communication automatically. Yep, you read that right… AUTOMATICALLY! We literally don’t have to do a thing! This saves an immense amount of time day-to-day, and is a big stress reliever knowing our system is checking in with our client, even when we don’t necessarily have time.

Create brand consistency

Consistency is the biggest factor in establishing your brand image. If a client has an amazing experience with you and is bragging about you to others, you (better) hope those new leads receive the exact same amazing experience! Having funnels and automations set-in-stone that do your work for you creates a consistent process for your brand experience, ensuring everyone experiences the same good time!

Establish processes

Being able to set up your entire client process, then take a step back and watch it from the outside looking in, it gives you a whole new perspective on your business. We’ve been able to improve our communication, our client experience, and our offerings ALL because we were able to slowly make changes to these funnels overtime! This means a smoother process on the back-end of HBC, and an enjoyable + educational experience for our clients!

Improve client experience

We’ve touched on this a little already since all these benefits bleed in to one another, but Dubsado can improve your clients experience in so many ways. For starters, their contract(s), payment(s), invoice(s), form(s), and emails are all housed in their own private password protected portal, meaning they don’t have to fish through their emails, or bother you for something they can’t find since it’s all in one place. Secondly, having your biz automated saves you time from doing all these little things, which gives you more time to serve your client. This allows you to be more present in your business, communicate better, and dedicate your time where you need.


We’ve been able to consolidate our systems and automate our processes using this kick-ass system, and now we want to teach YOU how to do the same. So…

We’re launching a course!

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