Why Dubsado Is The CRM Your Online Business Needs

Running an online business is NOT easy, but I don’t have to tell you that right? There’s a never-ending list of things you have to know, you have to keep up with, and you have to do. If you don’t you begin to fall behind, get stressed out, and lose your passion. We’ve all been there, but here at HBC we’ve learned that working smarter (not harder) is the best way to optimize your business, save your time, and improve your overall processes.

With the ever growing list of platforms, tools, and systems you can use to improve your business, we can understand why you might feel overwhelmed or even frustrated when you try to seek improvement. Like seriously, where the heck do you start?

You have a system for contracts, another system for invoicing, another system to book calls and another system to take in your clients information. Girl, these things ADD UP! Yeah, $20 here and $30 there doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but when you end up with 5-6 different platforms you’re signed up with, your profits start to decrease quickly.

If you’re wanting to save money, save time, optimize your business and improve your client experience, DUBSADO is the CRM your business needs! Dubsado’s features and functionalities beat any other system (and certainly beats paying for multiple separate ones), they’re affordable, and their customer service is honestly unparalleled.

So, why is Dubsado THE CRM your biz needs? Find out below!

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Sending contracts

Raise your hand if you use a third party contract sender. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Ok, now raise your hand if you use a PDF contract and sign using Adobe Reader. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Alright, put your hands down. It’s 2019 WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Dubsado allows you to either upload your own contract OR build your own! You can even edit the contracts as much as you want, countersign the contract, send the contract, and apply it to a project. No more “uneditable” contracts, no more 3rd party uploading + signing, no more hassles.

Invoicing + accounting

Dubsado allows you to build your invoice line-by-line, adjust the amount, add to it, discount, accept gratuity, create payment schedules, and allows your contract to pay right from the emailed invoice. Not only can you send invoices through Dubsado, but you can even track expenses and do all your accounting in one place! And to answer your question, Dubsado does not take out any percentage of sales or has any transaction fees! You make what you earn with Dubsado.


Any calendly users? Acuity users? Anyone still scheduling calls the classic “what time works best for you” in an email way? Been there, done that girl. It’s time to upgrade your method to Dubsado’s new Scheduler! This is their most recent feature update, and it changed the game! We were paying for a separate scheduler, and now we don’t have to. We can set up as many appointment types as we want, require payments, attach forms and questionnaires, send reminders, sync with your calendar, and so much more!


As if the features aren’t good enough, Dubsado allows for some intense automation and client funnels to be set up! This is the part of Dubs that takes the most time, patience, and strategy, but when you create a workflow fit for your biz, you’ll feel the weight of the world come off your shoulders! We have almost everything in our client processes automated because of Dubsado - our contracts, invoicing, emails, etc.

additional perks

Dubsado has a never ending list of features that can benefit your business, and they’re continuing to add to it! Some other great features Dubsado has are:

  • Private password protected Client Portals

  • Financial goal setting and tracking

  • Time tracking + hourly invoicing

  • Synced emailing + read receipts

  • Tasks lists (for you or your client)

  • Template Library full of example proposals, contracts, forms, etc.

  • Amazing Customer Service + FB group

If you’ve been shopping around at CRM’s for your business, Dubsado is the one! Whether you’re a new biz owner or have been in the game for a while, the features Dubsado offers are sure to fit your needs. What feature(s) are you most excited about? Comment below!


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