How To Create A Blog Post Template In Squarespace & Why You Need To

In the online world, blogging is great way to scale your business. It contributes to brand recognition, credibility, trust, and can even be a steady source of revenue. If you aren’t blogging yet, what are you waiting for?! And if you are, you know how long writing a quality blog post can take.

We like to write our blog posts drafts in a Google Doc before scheduling it in Squarespace, and realized building out the blog post structure so it included all our links/elements was just so time consuming (especially twice a week). We found a way to save immense amounts of time and ensure consistency in each of our blog posts, and we want to share it with you!

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Benefits of having a pre-made blog post template in SS

Saves time

Writing blog posts each week is already very time consuming, let alone having to set up your entire blog post structure every. single. time. Having a template already made with spacers, image blocks, signatures, links, etc. already on there makes it so you just copy and paste your blog post text and it’s ready to go!

Keeps things consistent

Consistency is something we preach about here at HBC. Consistency increases your brand recognition by allowing your audience to always know what to expect. If your blog post graphics are all different, or the structure of your posts were all wacky, it is going to be extremely difficult for your audience to recognize what content is yours versus other brands.

As you can see in our blog posts, they are all structured exactly the same and our graphics are consistent under each blog category! Each post starts with an intro paragraph(s) before you see the blog post graphic. After the blog graphic is where the bulk of the blog post content is.

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When the blog post ends, you’ll see our signature, picture, and a link to a page with Our Story. After that, there is always a search section with our top blog posts right below. Lastly, you’ll find our social and BlogLovin’ links.

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How to make one:

Step one: Decide how you want to lay out your content

We suggest doing this on paper, that way when you go to set it up you know exactly how you want it to look! Do your posts generally have an introduction? Do you have images in your posts? What do you want your readers to do once they’re done reading?

Layout your content based off how you normally write! It might take a few trial and error when organizing things around, but eventually you’ll find a structure that fits. Then add additional elements (social links, navigation, subscription box, etc) on the bottom of the post based off what action you want your audience to take!

Step two: create draft

Go to your blog, and click the plus sign to start a new post.

How To Create A Blog Post Template In SS

Step three: Structure your post

As you can see with ours, we have “intro” where we would write the introduction, an image block for the blog graphic, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 1.41.25 PM.png

Step four: save

Save as a draft without any categories, URL, content.

step five: publish a new blog post

  • Instead of clicking on the plus, go to your draft section (as you can see in our drafts, we have a general one saved that we use for most, and separate templates for each of us incase we ever write a more personal post).

  • Once in the drafts, click “edit” on the draft you just created

  • Click on “duplicate” on the bottom center

  • Use the copy that is created to write your new post

  • Repeat for each new post

This is sure to save you tons of time, ensure consistency, and allow you to include all your goodies in each of your blog posts without all the fuss each week! If you need help, you can always reach out to us via email or on social media!

Did this help? Let us know in the comments!


xox, katelyn & nicole

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