Why Focusing On Social Media Numbers Stunts Your Growth (And Kills Your Mindset)

We were chatting with a friend recently who expressed her frustration with social media, and our conversation is what inspired us to write this post because we feel so strongly about this topic.

She said, “I’m frustrated because I am a real girl, with real sh*t, and I talk about real things! I guess I just feel I have a voice that I want to be heard.” Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you want to know what made her feel that way? Her follower count.

Social media provides a huge opportunity and massive, worldwide platform for everyone (businesses, bloggers, influencers, etc.) but it can be toxic to our mindset. Besides the fact that maintaining your social media presence is extremely stressful between providing great content, keeping up with your aesthetics, and doing these things consistently, social media shifts our focus without us even really realizing it.

What we mean by this is you subconsciously start prioritizing the wrong things: numbers. It’s inevitable to worry about the material aspects of social media: your followers, your likes, and your comments, but focusing on the numbers alone can lead to stunting your growth and killing your mindset!

Hello Brand Collective | Why Focusing On Social Media Numbers Stunts Your Growth

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt victimized by your follower count ✋🏼

You play the compare game

This is where it all begins! You compare yourself to other businesses, influencers, freelancers, and accounts in general every single day. Yes they have more followers, but how long have they been around? We were guilty of this in the beginning of launching Hello Brand Collective. We had each previously grown our businesses followings in the past then started fresh with our new brand. So we had to get used to a smaller following and accept the fact we are a new business and new account with new intentions!

You feel discouraged

As you compare yourself to all these accounts, you begin to get discouraged. You find yourself questioning what your doing, the content your providing, how pretty your feed is, etc. You begin to feel like everyone else it better than you, and that you’ll never reach that amount of people or have that many likes on your posts. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Your priorities shift

Because of the fact you’re feeling discouraged, you begin to subconsciously shift your focus on social media. You begin creating content around the question “What will give me more followers?” rather than “What do my current followers want to see?”. You need to remember that creating quality content for your current audience is much more valuable than creating content for an audience you don’t even have (yet). Are you guilty of this? We are!

You kill your mindset

After your priorities shift in that way, you’ll begin to notice that it hasn’t helped (and maybe even hurt you). Your once interested audience has fallen off the maps, your follower count keeps fluctuating, your posts are falling flat, and your mindset begins to crash. “Why is nothing I do good enough?” “Why am I losing followers?” “No one wants to see my content” “I’m never going to have a huge following”. This is a toxic cycle that we are all guilty of falling in, and it’s important to be aware of it and to fix your mindset as soon as you can!

When you catch yourself comparing your numbers to other businesses, keep these things in mind…

  • There are so many fake accounts/bots, and so many business and influencers that end up purchasing their followers (#lame) which means they’ve got the number count but no one in their following is actually interested or engaging. You want REAL people, not numbers!

  • This account could be YEARS older than yours.

  • They are in a completely different spot than you are.

  • You are STILL BEING SEEN. How many posts do you see and scroll past? How many captions have you read that you didn’t respond to? Always remember just because someone didn’t like, comment, or follow you doesn’t mean you’re not being noticed!

Actions you can take today to fix your mindset & restart your growth:

Focus on what makes you unique, then OWN IT AND CELEBRATE IT!

Everyone has something about them that makes them different. That’s the beauty of being yourself, there’s no one else like YOU. Stop focusing on what others are doing and jot down fun facts about yourself. What do you love to talk about? What quirks do you have? What are you most passionate about in life? What are your hobbies? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Have some fun with it and maybe ask some loved ones about your personality, maybe they see something you don’t. The point is to focus INWARD on own your individuality, then celebrating and spreading it around like confetti! Your audience wants to connect with real people with real stories that resonate with them. By sharing your special qualities you create a custom experience that they can only get from you, and if they like it, they’ll be back for more.

Connect with other members within your same niche or community

You’d be amazed at how much your mood and mindset can quickly change just by having someone else to talk to who gets you. Community is the most powerful tool you can own, so use it up to your heart’s desire! When you genuinely connect with others who share the same values, goals, and interests as yourself you create relationships that lead to a positive mindset, opportunities, and amazing friendships. #communityovercompetition

Engage with your commenters and connect your followers

If nothing else, do this one thing ALWAYS. Use your platform to connect with others, not to scrapbook your life, or solely promote your business products/services. Your audience wants to connect with you, so help them make that first step by asking them questions in your posts. Take it a step further and keep conversations flowing in the comments. Like them back and comment on their posts that you resonate with. When you genuinely care about your audience and connect with them personally you’ll see the quality of your followers shine.

Tell us, what makes you unique? Let’s celebrate what makes you, YOU!


xox, katelyn & nicole

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