How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Business

What’s in a name?

Everything, especially when it comes to business.

Choose the right name, and you’ll become the talk of the town, the go-to, the one what everyone knows. Choose wrong, and you’ll pretty much just fade off into the abyss, to swim in the sea of other businesses. We definitely don’t want that do we?

Look, the name game is hard and has the potential to hold you back from moving forward with your ideas. It can be so overwhelming that you don’t even get started in the first place. It’s difficult yes, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

We’re going to cover some tips on how to discover and choose a name that’s perfect for your business.

Hello Brand Collective | How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Business

Ask yourself…

  • What does my business do? (Think about your industry, services, products, how they work, their results…EVERYTHING!)

  • What do I want to communicate to my audience?

  • What makes me different from my competitors?

  • How would I describe my business?

  • How my business make my customers feel?

List it out…

Comb through your answers develop a list of words from them. These are considered your root words and can be broken down into both literal and figurative.

Literal words: These are straight-forward words that actually mean what they are. As an example, for a coffee shop some literal words would include coffee, java, cafe, bean, brew, roast, or bistro.

Figurative words: These are imaginative or “fluff” words and are used to metaphorically describe something. Let’s take that same clothing shop and apply figurative words like buzzed, wired, steamy, filtered, spiced, or smooth.


Dig into your list and do some research. Look for alternative words or meanings. Take you time here and scour through these resources…

  • Thesaurus (Try searching for synonyms based on each list word)

  • Dictionary (Try english and maybe some others like Latin, Spanish, German, Greek, Japanese, etc. - you may find something interesting!)

  • References

    • Music lyrics (is there a line in a song that is special or influenced the business?)

    • People (is there a person of importance or influenced the business?)

    • Places (is the business located somewhere specific?)

    • Things

  • Pinterest or Google images for inspiration

Mix, match, & mash…

Take your list of words and start combining them to create a list of business names. You can try to break some words and mash them with others to create something quirky and original. This should be a fun and limitless game for you to play. Try and see how many names you can come up with! Examples: Buzzed Bean Bistro, The Buzzed Bean, Wired Roast, Cup Of Buzz, Toasted Bean Cafe, Wired Brew, ‘Lotta Java.

narrow it down…

Once you’ve verified that these names are available, it’s time to start narrowing it down to your best choices. Here’s some tips:

  • Write down the pros and cons for each

  • Ask someone! Get some feedback from your target audience

  • Say the names out loud to yourself (you’ll have to say this name a lot so you’d better like it)

  • Envision it on business cards, signs, etc. how does it look when being used? Try writing it down or mocking it up onto something visual

  • Make it meaningful and positive

  • Keep it simple and as short as possible

  • Is it available to use? (check trademarks, domains, and social media handles)

  • Does it make sense?

  • Is it too hard to pronounce?

  • Will it work now and in the future? (take a look at your short and long term goals)

  • How does it look as a URL? (too long? can it be shortened?)

  • Does it attract my target audience?

  • Does it represent my business accurately?


Now it’s time to weigh your options and pick the name that works perfectly for your business. If you’ve followed these steps (and your gut) we know you’ll make the perfect choice!

How did you arrive at your business name? We’d love to hear your story!



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