5 Inspiring Podcasts For Female Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs we are constantly trying to learn new things and expand our skill sets. We’re reading blog posts, googling, or Pinterest-ing (that’s a thing, right?!) topics like productivity tips, or how to brand your business, or how to stand out in your market, or how to write better copy or pitch yourself better. We’re always looking to take in information, and one of our favorite ways of doing so is by listening to podcasts!

Not only do they equip us with tons of knowledge, but listening to podcasts gives us life! We feel so motivated, inspired, and ready to tackle everything we just consumed. The best part is you can listen anytime, anywhere. So whenever we’re out and about; like food shopping, doing house chores, traveling, you know we’re listening to our faves.

We’re excited to share our favorites with you in hopes of fueling your fire, inspiring you, and motivating you to strive for more!

5 Inspiring Podcasts For Female Entrepreneurs

Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

The Goal Digger Podcast is both of our favorites! We absolutely love and admire Jenna for her message (about all the things) and the incredible amounts of knowledge she shares on her podcast! She talks about things like branding, social media, Instagram, business tools, and so much more! Jenna is and always will be one of our go-to business resources.

RISE Podcast by Rachel Hollis

First of all, Rachel Hollis is just a queen. If that isn’t reason enough to listen to her podcast, we don’t know what is! If you are feeling down, bad about yourself, unmotivated, or the like you HAVE to listen to RISE. Rachel Hollis is the best motivation speaker for women and has built an amazing empire. She isn’t afraid to talk about the nitty gritty, the embarrassing stuff, or the stuff people just don’t want to admit.

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast by Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is the master of all things courses. She digs deep on how to create, market, and sell courses of all shapes and sizes! But she doesn’t stop there. She is constantly bringing on the best-of-the-best industry leaders (*cough cough* like Rachel Hollis and Jenna Kutcher) to talk about every online marketing topic you can think of.

The Mind Your Business Podcast by James Wedmore

We discovered James Wedmore’s Podcast because he was a guest on an episode of Amy Porterfields podcast! We love his podcast because he talks about things like mental health and mindset within your business. James along with his guests have made us think in a different way and change the way we approach things!

Profit Planner Podcast Haley BUrkhead

Hayley is a master of productivity and profits. She teaches actionable strategies and systems for successfully scaling your business that are just out of this world. Her bubbly, fun, no BS attitude will have you eager to start crafting up your own profit plans ASAP!

Do you listen to podcasts? Tell us your fave in the comments below!


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