How To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur

Remember having to force yourself to do your homework after school and having absolutely no motivation to do it? Yep, we’ve been there too. Running an online business can feel like that sometimes, especially if you work from home.

It can get extremely difficult to maintain your motivation and urge to get work done day after day. Working online can be isolating, intimidating, and really scary - but it doesn’t have to be! We both can admit that creating a lifestyle around staying motivated takes time, but it’s absolutely attainable for anyone!

We’re going to dive in to 6 of our BEST TIPS for staying motivated as an entrepreneur. These are all things we’ve done on our own that worked for us, so we know they can work for you too!

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Set realistic goals

We’re all big dreamers with lots of goals, which is great, but if you don’t approach your goals the right way, you can end up crushing those dreams without even meaning to. We don’t like sounding negative, but being realistic when you set goals can avoid burnout and disappointment. This is because goals are really expectations to us. If we don’t attain the goal the way we expected to, we’re almost always disappointed.

Our favorite tip for setting realistic goals is to take that huge goal you have (the one that might seem a bit unrealistic right now) and breaking it up into what we call “bite sized” goals. For example, if launching your business is your main goal, make a list of every single little thing you need to get done and make each of those tasks your bite sized goals! First, it makes your big goal seem so much more attainable, and second, it keeps you going when you’re able to see a clear path!

Create a schedule + routine

To do this, we recommend making a list of your daily tasks, weekly tasks, and monthly tasks. From there, you can organize your tasks accordingly. We love creating time blocks on our calendar for the things we do regularly because this creates a schedule for us to follow and ensures we get each task done on time.

To organize all of our lists, we love using Airtable and our Google Calendar! Client projects, calls, meetings, and any activity done inside business ours is scheduled on our calendar (both business and personal) so we always know what to expect. Within our Airtable, we have all our tasks organized by priority and deadline to keep us on track!

Make work separate from personal

This might not be something everyone can do, but there are workarounds we will cover. Obviously as new entrepreneurs we can’t all afford to get an office space, but designating an area of your house to ONLY WORK is crucial in staying motivated. We both turned spare rooms in our house/apartments to being our office spaces (a space we only use when we need to work). If you don’t have a room or small section of your home to turn into an office space, we recommend either finding a co-working space, or calling your fave coffee shop your new office. Separating work from home doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, but eventually you’ll end up as comfortable with your business as you are at home, causing you to be distracted or lazy.

Take breaks for yourself

Believe us, those back to back to back 12 hour days sitting on the computer WILL catch up to you. Yes, we know your to-do list is constantly growing, but you can’t cross off tasks if you aren’t healthy enough to complete them, right? We used to push through the day practically brain-dead for the sake of working. What took us some time to realize was that we weren’t being productive by pushing through, we were wasting time and emotional energy. Nothing we learn retains and nothing really gets done when you’re doing it because you have to.

Mindset work

Entrepreneurship is a constant emotional battle. You’ll feel like the biggest failure some days, and like the most successful person on others. There will be seasons of wanting to quit because you’re so drained, and seasons of non-stop creative spark and ambition. It’s just a part of being an entrepreneur, and yes, it’s what you sign up for when you commit to being a business owner.

Eventually you’ll get used to the swings, but you’ll constantly be working on your mindset as you grow. Our favorite way of doing this is reading self-love or motivational books! Some of our favorites are “Unf*ck Yourself”, “Girl, Wash Your Face”, and “You’re a Badass”!

Create or join a community

You know that saying you always here “You are who you hangout with”? Well, it’s true. We’ve learned the hard way - to be successful and happy, you need successful and happy people around you. People who push you to be better, who see your potential, who are motivated and inspire you.

If you have a friend that you just feel so drained after talking to, you might need to evaluate your relationship. We’ve both unfortunately lost people in our lives because of our choice to be an entrepreneur, but losing those people are blessings in disguise. Believe us, you won’t have the energy or time for drama and negativity!

Implementing these changes in your life takes immense conscious effort. You really have to work at these to make them a part of your routine, so it’s important to work on these as early as possible in your entrepreneurial journey. Work on them one at a time, and adjust your lifestyle for what makes the most sense for you! These were all huge factors that contribute to us staying motivated as an entrepreneur.

What ways do you stay motivated? Tell us in the comments!


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