How To Set Up Google Analytics In Squarespace

When you have a website, tracking your analytics is crucial in providing your business with information about your site performance and your users. People are accessing your site from different platforms, viewing difference content, staying on your page for a certain amount of time, and interacting with different areas.

Knowing this information can serve as a powerful tool when you’re creating content for your audience and allows you to be educated while making changes to your website based on real data.

What’s our favorite way of doing this? Google Analytics!

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What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is basically a free analytics tool offered by Google that can be integrated on any website to closely monitor all that fun stuff we just mentioned. You have access to real-time reports for traffic sources, locations, content, and conversions. For your audience, it can track active users, demographics, interests, location, their behaviors, and much more (in the non-creepiest way possible of course).

There’s so many things Google Analytics offers, so to be honest the best way to learn what you’ll use most and benefit from the most will take time as you play with it.

Don’t have Google Analytics yet? Click here to sign up!

How does google analytics help my business?

Google Analytics offers sooo many benefits to your business if you utilize your statistics right! Here are several ways Google Analytics can benefit your business!

  • Target your online visitors: You may have a good idea for who your audience is, but utilizing GA’s Audience analytics will give you real time data to verify. If you were wrong about your audience, this will educate you so you can adjust your content to either better suit the audience you’re currently attracting, or figure out ways to attract the audience you ideally want.

  • Evaluate traffic: You will be able to see where your traffic is coming from in the world, what devices your users are using, what platforms they’re coming from, and much more. This will help you know where to find your audience and give you the opportunity to engage with them more.

  • Running Campaigns: With the immense amount of audience information it gives you, you have more than enough details to run very targeted campaigns. And if you do, GA offers campaign tracking that can help you measure which campaigns are working & converting and which are falling flat.

  • Creating Content: Since you can see how long people are viewing your content and what specific content they’re viewing, you can gauge what information is most attractive to your audience, and use GA to test different pieces. If you see something is doing well, chances are more content similar to it will do well, too. If you have something new you want to try, you can monitor its engagement via GA!

  • Setting Goals: Having all this real-time data allows you to see exactly how well your website is doing at any moment. You can use GA to set specific traffic, conversion, acquisition, or audience goals for your website and monitor them.

How to set-up Google Analytics in Squarespace

Find your tracking code

First, you’ll need to go to your Google Analytics page after you sign up, and click on “Admin” in the bottom left corner of the menu.

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From there, you’ll want to click on “Tracking Info” then “Tracking Code”.

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Your Tracking ID will pop up, copy and paste that ID.


Insert into Squarespace

After you copy your Tracking ID from Google Analytics, you’re going to want to insert it into SquareSpace so your website can communicate directly with Google in real time.

To do this, you’ll head to your SquareSpace settings.

Settings > Advanced > External Services > Google Analytics Account Number

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Paste your Tracking ID there and press save.

It will take about 24-48 hours for your website data and analytics to sync, but don’t worry you’ll be rollin’ here soon!

Have any questions? Let us know below and we will help you! What’s your fave way of utilizing your website stats?


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