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As I’m sure you know, Dubsado is one of our FAVORITE ways to automate our business. Contracts, to client processes, to accounting, to scheduling, Dubsado’s got you girl.

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Whether you’re an avid Dubster or a newbie to the platform, it has ENDLESS things to offer and is constantly improving. With that said, we wanted to tell you what our favorite features were within Dubsado!

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→ Scheduler

We’ve tried calendly and acuity, and we just honestly we’re pleased. Calendly doesn’t allow more than one scheduler without upgrading. They also don’t have notifications without upgrading either. Pretty much any important feature you had to pay for. Acuity is WAY better than Calendly in regards to features, but the user interface was terrible and we literally HATED using it.

→ Automation

We MAY be a bit biased here because neither of us have tried another automation tool, but that was because Dubsado crushes the game. We have our entire client process (on and off boarding) on Dubsado - from the second they submit their lead to the last email you send off boarding them - AUTOMATED. This saves you time and ensures consistency in your brand which is CRUCIAL to your success.

→ Client Portal

Our clients have a personalized, password protected area to access their contract, invoice, forms, and task lists in! HOW BOMB IS THAT?! You can brand it to match their business and make them feel more at home in your business, or brand it for YOUR business to keep your brand experience flowing in all pieces of your biz! The portal is one of the most underrated features Dubsado has. Our clients love the personal touch and privacy!

→ Customization

We LOVE the amount of customization and personalization you can do within Dubsado. You can add your brand colors and logos in your settings. Then, you can customize literally ANYTHING to be how you want it - your forms, contracts, emails, schedulers, invoices, client portal, etc. You can even create custom URL mappings and mapped fields for your forms *mindblown*


→ Not a feature, but customer service is the best

Dubsado knocks it out of the park with their customer service. They’re always there for you, have an amazing Facebook community, have a chatbox you can always reach someone at, and are SO receptive to feedback and feature requests. They honestly make us want to cry with happiness every time we talk to them, they’re they best!

→ Also not a feature, but updates

They are CONSTANTLY improving and adding to this CRM. We love this because you can genuinely see how much they care for their customers and the functionality of their platform. For example, the week of their third birthday, they released a new feature EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yep, that’s right.


We’ve been able to consolidate our systems and automate our processes using this kick-ass system, and now we want to teach YOU how to do the same. So…

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