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6 Ways To Automate Your Business To Save You Time

Imagine having the chance to actually take a vacation (what?!) AND your entire business stays running smoothly as if you were there! That’s right… there are actually systems and tools out there to save you TIME and allow you the chance to spend it doing the things you LOVE.

Emails, campaigns, projects, social media posts, recording videos, managing content, your client processes…it’s a LOT to handle. Whether you’re killing it at handling #allthethings, or struggling to keep up, automation is like a warm gooey brownie on a cold Sunday night. Yep, it’s that good.

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How To Set Up Google Analytics In Squarespace

When you have a website, tracking your analytics is crucial in providing your business with information about your site performance and your users. Knowing this information can serve as a powerful tool when you’re creating content for your audience and allows you to be educated while making changes to your website based on real data. Learn more about how to set up Google Analytics in SquareSpace and how it can benefit your business.

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5 Inspiring Podcasts For Female Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs we are constantly trying to learn new things and expand our skill sets. We’re reading blog posts, googling, or Pinterest-ing (that’s a thing, right?!) topics like productivity tips, or how to brand your business, or how to stand out in your market, or how to write better copy or pitch yourself better. We’re always looking to take in information, and one of our favorite ways of doing so is by listening to podcasts!

Not only do they equip us with tons of knowledge, but listening to podcasts gives us life! We feel so motivated, inspired, and ready to tackle everything we just consumed. The best part is you can listen anytime, anywhere. So whenever we’re out and about; like food shopping, doing house chores, traveling, you know we’re listening to our faves.

We’re excited to share our favorites with you in hopes of fueling your fire, inspiring you, and motivating you to strive for more!

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How We Plan And Schedule Our Instagram In Advance Using The Planoly App

Let’s play a game. Would you rather… 1. Scramble last minute to find an Instagram worthy photo and perfect caption to pair it with, finally post it, and then feel super exhausted from all of that unnecessary panic. OR 2. Have all of your beautiful photos matched with captions and hashtags, all scheduled and ready to post automatically so you can spend your time engaging with your tribe? We’re going to take a shot in the dark and say you’d rather have option 2. But planning in advance sounds time consuming, perhaps even confusing, and impossible to achieve at times. What if we told you that it’s totally possible to plan and schedule your Instagram in advance and have it ready to automatically post for you? You can save time and spend it on more important tasks like engaging with your amazing followers. Sound good? We’re going to show you today how we do just that with our favorite app Planoly!

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How We Got Started + 5 Tools To Help You Launch Your Startup

The internet is a place where pretty powerful things happen. It’s where we met, where we talk day in and day out, where we became best friends, and it’s where we decided to merge our businesses and launch Hello Brand Collective!

It all started one afternoon when Katelyn was beyond frustrated with trying to tweak a code for a client’s website but couldn’t quite get it, so she decided to post in a Facebook group asking for some help. Nicole was the first to comment and offered to help! We chatted back and forth till we got the code perfect, and pretty much haven’t stopped talking since (no seriously, we literally haven’t had a day go by where we didn’t talk).

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4 Mobile Photo Editing Apps That Will Make You An Instagram Pro

When it comes to Instagram, it’s important to not only have great content, but a visually attractive, cohesive feed as well. As an Instagrammer, you probably take a good handful of photos a week in all different types of locations, scenes, lightings, etc. so you need to make sure that once they get posted up, they match the vibe and color palette of your feed. The best way to do this efficiently is to make sure you’re editing your images using the same settings by using a mobile photo editing app. There are so many apps out there that you can download and use, we’ve personally tried out so many but thankfully we’ve been able to narrow it down. Keep on reading to see our top 4 mobile photo editing apps that’ll make you an Instagram pro!

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How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Business

What’s in a name?

Everything, especially when it comes to business.

Choose the right name, and you’ll become the talk of the town, the go-to, the one what everyone knows. Choose wrong, and you’ll pretty much just fade off into the abyss, to swim in the sea of other businesses. We definitely don’t want that do we?

Look, the name game is hard and has the potential to hold you back from moving forward with your ideas. It can be so overwhelming that you don’t even get started in the first place. It’s difficult yes, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

We’re going to cover some tips on how to discover and choose a name that’s perfect for your business.

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Must-Have Business Resources That Will Save You Time

Running a business online can be extremely overwhelming at times. There are tons of moving parts and day to day tasks that may seem small and easy by themselves, but when you add them up it’s like an unscalable mountain that literally never ends.

Whether you run your business by yourself or have a team behind you, it’s time consuming to manage every task manually. This can lead to overwhelm and burnout super quick so it’s crucial to be equipped with the proper systems to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks to some amazing business resources our lives have gotten way easier; we’ve increased our productivity and saved more time for ourselves! Our schedule is now open to dedicate time to our clients, important business tasks, engage with our community, and more!

Today we’re sharing our favorite, must-have business resources that will save you time in hopes of making your life easier as well.

Cheers to a more productive business!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Quiz To Grow Your Email List

News Flash! Quizzes aren’t just for discovering what type of cheese you are anymore. #Guilty #PepperJack

They’re actually a creative (and fun) way of getting your audience to join your email list.

An email list is important to have for anyone who’s looking to build a community and keep a close connection with their followers. Business owners, corporations, influencers, and bloggers can all benefit from them!

Email addresses are sacred. And no one ever gives out our personal email to just anyone, that’s what a junk email address is for (anyone else have one just for coupons and sales? haha).

Because personal emails are so exclusive, you've got to have something super enticing to get them subscribed your list. But what?

Email opt-ins to the rescue!

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The Ultimate List Of Free Stock Photo Resources

You've probably searched endlessly for beautiful, free stock photography that you can use for your website, social media, blog, etc. And by now you're probably pretty exhausted and your computer is about to explode from all of the tabs you have open in your browser.

Haha, we've been there too. #toomanytabs

Well, search no more, because we've got it all covered!

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