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The Fine Line Between Copying & Drawing Inspiration

This topic is something that most designers want to address, but won’t out of fear. Both Nicole and Katelyn have had their fair share of people copying ideas and stealing design work (almost exact), and when people are addressed about things, you’ll almost always hear “I didn’t copy it, I drew inspiration from it”. Well, we’ve heard that too many times and we’re ready to clear some things up.

The online world is extremely saturated, as is the graphic design industry. We understand the immense pressure there is to be trendy yet set yourself apart, to have a unique skill yet can cover all the design bases, and to do all of this quickly in order to gain traction in the growing design world. But that doesn’t mean you need to cheat to get there. Not cool.

We wanted to write a post addressing this topic as a message to other designers or those looking to dabble with graphic design. It isn’t meant to be a jab at anyone specific, start drama, or upset anyone. It’s a topic that needs to be addressed because of quite a few reasons, so let’s dive in.

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The Importance Of White Space And How You Can Use It To Enhance Your Brand

When it comes to design, whether it’s for web or print, we believe the #1 rule is to utilize white space. It’s the most important, yet overlooked factor when it comes to good design. Design has the ability to make or break the actual message it’s trying to convey, so it’s crucial that you keep your viewer’s focus on what matters most, and only that. You definitely don’t want someone to not purchase your product or service because their attention was guided elsewhere. By simply utilizing white space, you can demand attention and ensure that your element of importance is visually irresistible.

We’re giving you the deets on what white space is, why you need it to enhance your design, and how you can use it.

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How To Get Multiple Uses From A Single Stock Photo

Stock photos can make your life easier by saving you tons of time, but knowing how to use them and reuse them properly can also save you tons of money! You could stick to purchasing and downloading handfuls of stock photos for just a single time use, but we think you’re better off maximizing what you’ve got so you can save some moolah. Sound good? We’re covering all the ways you can customize your stock photos so you can use what you’ve got to their full potential. Let’s get resourceful!

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Common Design File Types - What They Are And How To Use Them

When talking image file types it can be easy to get confused, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the terminology. It’s one thing to know the designer lingo, but a whole other thing to actually know what each type is so you can decide which is best suited for your project.

Using the correct file type means that your design will comes out exactly as you intended and hopefully be everything you wanted (and more)! Use the wrong type and that could spell disaster for your design; quality issues, incorrect usage, etc.

Every graphic you see online, every design you see printed, cane from an image file. These files come in a wide variety of types, which are all formatted to be fully optimized for a specific use.

Let’s tackle these common file formats so you know exactly what you need, what you’ll get, and what to ask for...

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