How To Keep Your Brand Consistent - And Why You Need To

Do you ever stop and think about how brands are able to achieve such incredible recognition? It isn’t just because they have a great product/service or they have a cool logo. Brand recognition comes down to one simple yet oh-so-complicated word: consistency.

Consistency is something we preach about here at Hello Brand Collective. Brand consistency occurs when a brand attempts to communicate messages in a way that doesn't detract or wander away from the core brand strategy, values, and foundation of the business.

Hello Brand Collective | How To Keep Your Brand Consistent - And Why You Need To

Did you know on average, consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue about 23%?

We recently attended a Creative Mornings event with dozens of other amazing ladies. We had such a blast connecting with everyone, and as if that was enough to makes us all warm inside, we were instantly recognized by one of the attendees! SAY WHAT?! You heard that right, little old us was recognized! A wonderful lady was chatting us up and asked what we do, once our personal name was mentioned, she told us that she knew exactly who were were and that she loves our content. Whenever she’s on Instagram, without looking at who posted it, she can always tell when it’s us based off of our unique and specific use of imagery and copy. This is a perfect example of how consistent use of your brand’s elements can increase your brand’s recognition and attract your following.

Repetition and consistency are two cornerstones of any successful branding efforts. By presenting your brand consistently, over time, consumers will internalize your brand values and be more likely to purchase.

Here are some benefits of utilizing brand consistency for your business:

  • Shows how committed and intentional the brand is in achieving its goals and maintaining standards

  • Sticking to brand values and maintaining a consistent image in the public eye will shape the way people see the brand, therefore managing your Brand Image. (Learn more about what a Brand Image is, and other branding terms)

  • Ensures consumers know what to expect each time they do business with you

Showing up

Making yourself more visible to your audience on a consistent basis keeps you at the front of their minds. The more they see you, the more they’ll recognize you and the more you’ll intrigue them to follow you. When you show up for your audience you’re building a relationship with them and they’re trusting that you’ll give them exactly what you promise, when you promise it. Keeping your promise to your followers is vital in keeping a close (sometime even personal) relationship with them.

Having a brand style guide

A brand style guide is a brief blueprint that displays the visual elements of a brand. When you work with a designer to create your branding, they should deliver a Brand Style Guide as a part of your package. It's a simple tool that adds so much power to your business when used properly. By constantly sticking to the visual rules of your style guide, you create consistency which creates memorability, trust, and a loyal community of  followers. (Learn more about a brand style guide and everything it should include)

Using social media

Social media can serve as an important asset to your business, when used correctly. Presenting your business on social media is extremely tricky because it is a place of activity, engagement, constant posting, being more personal, and continuous change. Using social media correctly involves the following:

  • Curating images that correctly represent your brand

  • Editing these images to create a cohesive look every time

  • Using your feed as a place to display your message through your copy and tone

  • Delivering value your audience won’t get elsewhere

Social media is a place we tend to be more personal, so when representing a business you have to be very intentional. With each image, caption, follow, like, and comment, your brand should be kept in the front of your mind!

Editing your photos

Your images have the power to visually display who you are, what your business is about, the vibes you want your business to portray, and are the main element used to attract an audience via social media AND your website. Here at Hello Brand Collective we created presets for our brand images. Presets are a “filter” that you can either purchase or create yourself in Adobe Lightroom and apply to your images to create a cohesive look. To make things easier for you, we also decided to create custom branded Adobe Lightroom Presets for you and added the mini-service to our shop!

Using brand elements

Brand elements are things like patterns, textures, colors, and icons that are incorporated in your branding. These elements should be identified on your Brand Style Guide and delivered to you in the branding process. We use our colors (mostly pinks + tans) and patterns (dots, X’s, O’s) religiously in our posts, Instagram stories, guides, ebooks, and any other collateral we create for Hello Brand Collective. This just gives our content an added HBC touch that is sure to make our assets more recognizable.

Brand messaging + voice

This is probably one of the most overlooked and difficult components of your brand. Your brand’s voice is crucial to the success of your business. Who ever your target audience is (whether it’s 70-year old women who love to knit or young men who spend their days in the gym) your brands messaging should be speaking directly to them.

In an ideal world, hiring one person to constantly write everything your brand needs would make this a breeze, but most of the time that’s not possible. Giving the writer you have on hand guidelines for how they should dictate your brand will help avoid any instances of sounding off-brand or unintentionally mixing up your messaging. You might include certain brand words and phrases that should always appear, and of course, be sure to note which words should be avoided.

client experience

It’s inevitable that your clients will share their experience working with you to other business owners, #helloreferrals 🙌🏼 To keep those referrals coming in, you’re going to need to ensure that each client experiences the same amazing experience! But how the heck can you ensure that? How can you guarantee that each client get’s the exact same experience? AUTOMATION! Using the system Dubsado, we’ve been able to automate our client on and off boarding processes so that each client is put through the exact same (and fun) experience!

Remember, consistency is the key to becoming a well-recognized, successful brand. More eyes on your business means more loyal followers you’ll obtain, and more profit you’ll bring in.

Are you being consistent with your branding? What do you do to make sure you stay on track?


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