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We design impactful brand experiences for creatives that align with your purpose, fuel your passion, and attract your people.


my intentional methods create a meaningful brand experience allowing you to position yourself in your industry, increase your profits, and turn your creative passions into the sustainable business you’ve always dreamed of!

Let’s get this party started!


Branding & Web Design

You want your business to look legit, but you want it to feel like you! Together we’ll create a total brand experience with intention and purpose to elevate your visibility, highlight your mission, position yourself in your industry, and connect with your people so you can focus on turning your “passion project” into a profitable lifestyle. #goals


clarity & strategy

You’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure with a particular part of your business. You’re not attracting the right people or standing out in your industry. We’ll work together to get you clear, confident, and capable so you can start running your business with intention and get to working smarter, not harder!

Hey, friend!
Katelyn Buchwald Owner of Hello Brand Collective

i’m Katelyn!

I’m a strategy driven designer fueled by challenges, creativity, copious amounts of caffeine - and lots of laughs! I help girls like you find their purpose, position themselves in their industry, and feel clear in their business strategy for the first time, in like ever.

You’re a lot like me

You are a creative at heart. A multi-passionate, hard-working entrepreneur. An easy going, beautiful soul who loves to help others. You’re down to earth and pour your everything in the your business.

So…are we like, bffs now?



the blog


Let's chat about things like branding, website design, Squarespace, graphic design, business, and much (much) more!

the Quiz


What is your Brand Vibe? Are you sweet, chill, classy…a little, bad-assy? Take our fun and free Brand Vibe Quiz to find out!

The resources


We’re sharing everything we love and use ourselves that will help you learn, grow, and improve you and your business!

the Shop


Got big goals with a beginner budget? Our shop is filled with affordable custom codes, helpful guides, and more!


So…what’ll it be?

Branding and Web design OR Clarity and Strategy?